And Kabooom!! High schools kids are burning down dormitories all over the country. The government has banned schools from closing in transition to 3rd Term. No Visiting Days. No Prayer Days. If they could, they would even measure how much air one is to breathe. Why?
“To cub exam cheating! Students should be whipped thoroughly. We were caned in school, and we just turned out alright!”
Well wait Mr.Sir, who told you, ..’you turned out alright ? You think caning students and zero grazing them in that small confinement curbs this problem? I wish to know the genius who came up with such a ‘great’ idea.
With this calibre of thinking, am I right in saying that students are burning down dormitories and sparing classes to prove their seriousness. They didn’t go to school to sleep. They went there to learn. So should we let them burn their way into a brighter future? I never intend to be sarcastic. But the world has just given me lots of material to work with.
Mum taught me, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected!’ So am simply doing what is expected of me as a loyal citizen?
I am proud to be Kenyan; deep to the core. It’s the only place where you’ll wake up to the news that a government official has pilfered one billion and states his/her terms to leave office, drops the mike and just walks away.  What follows are few assurance statements by normally an old stone faced official, with wrinkles like a lemon peel left in the sun for weeks. ‘The government will ensure that Justice is served without fear or favor!’
Few politicians take it to the next level. They play politics with it to gain PR. They Jabber their ‘wisdom’ of a sheep in public gatherings, pay some ‘wisemen’ to cheer them, win a media interview where they extend their verbose speeches. The ball is then thrown to the breed of other ‘wisemen’ who are their psychophants to carry on with the mantle. This is followed by rants of fire in social media, memes
#KOT #GainWithASocialite  #Someone(crazy)Tell someoneElse(equally crazy)
#KenyansAgainstThis&That and then the smoke… vague memory lingering at the back of our miiiiiinds…eventually Gone!
If you woke up today with a strong craving for Sautéed Chicken with pork belly. Then take your phone and call Forgo Gaucho. You order: braised natural pork belly, sauteed chicken, bok choy, asian slaw, shiso leaves; kung pow sauce. This should be served with baked organic tofu sausage, asian slaw, mushrooms, kale, avocado, quinoa; vegan house dressing and sliced tomatoes. Precisely, Ugali Kuku and Kachumbari.
The delivery man comes and leaves the package somewhere close to your compound next to the road. Coincidentally a mad, hungry man straight outta Mathare Mental Hospital passes by and sees the package. He picks it up and feasts on it. Would you blame the mad man or the person responsible for safely delivering the items?
Well in our case as Kenyans. We think the hungry mad man, straight outta Mathare Mental Hospital is to take all the blame.
The Kenya National Examination Council(KNEC) established in 1980 under the Kenya National Examinations Council Act Cap 225A of the laws of Kenya(Repealed in 2012 & replaced with KNEC Act No.29 of 2012) was bestowed with the responsibility to set and maintain examination standards; to conduct public academia, technical and other national examinations within Kenyan institutions with utmost transparency. NOT the students.
Now the whole country is condemning these teenagers and frustrating them with stringent rules for responsibilities neglected by an organ/person absolutely far beyond them. Does it mean we have absolutely no faith in the people we have in place to facilitate examinations but we are too scared to tell them? Is it okay if they continue spreading what they should protect just as long as our students don’t have access to it? Are we treating the right wound with the right medication?
How do these students get examination papers prior to the examination day? Do they storm the KNEC offices armed heavily and grab them? Do they beat the heavy security on government officials in charge and ask for examination papers as ransom?
No! No! No! It is someone with enough powers to get into the safe, take the papers and disseminate them to the people he wills. Let’s not be hypocritical and torture those innocent souls with impaired judgement. They know nothing beyond the family and school confines . We all passed that stage when your hormonal imbalance drove you to absolute anger and blurred your sanity. At times you would contemplate suicide and other extreme acts.  Now that we survived that stage, let us not be self righteous just to impress the powers that be, or create an impression that indeed we are working. Deep down in our hearts, we know we are the ones playing filthy gimmicks. We are brood of vipers in sheep clothing busy finding ignorant people who will  bear brunt to our misdeeds. Fire the bullet where the spot is. Stop blaming our children.  Our children, Our heritage


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