This Dainty Angel was my Eye-Candy.Her breathtaking beauty was divine. It’s not a case of beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder,her beauty is the standard for heavenly measure of how Angels should be adorned.

The radiant eyes,well trimmed nose and pretty lips brought my fantasy realm to existence. Her buxom blossoms and well calculated gait coincided rhythmically with the Comely hips as they gyrated left-right,causing dizziness as my head followed the motion inadvertently.

The curvaceous view of her back resembled a clear bottle of fanta. Her neck as slender as an a axe rod matched the P-shaped bottom that set the sliding magnificence of her fine legs at Utopia.

When her pretty lips opened,it was intelligence at its best,a true African goddess.It’s hard to decipher how she ended up barefooted in the lonely forest with a heap of firewood on her head and two malnutrition kids;one on her back and the other by her side.

On the eve of her 15th Birthday, when she refused to undergo female genital cutting,she found herself blindfolded and firmly held by six men.She couldn’t fight them all in defense using tactics taught by grandma.The men molested her in turns, one after the other for hours till she could scream no more, cry no more,feel nothing more.She passed out.Getting up she discovered this was done by her father,her uncle and 4 community leaders as a punishment for her ‘rebellion’. All along her mother was outside the house basking.All activities went on normally as though nothing had happened.

The council of elders dismissed her complaints as they termed the act “Consensual Sex”.

What the Hell is ‘Consensual Sex’! To me “Consensual Sex ” is just Sex.To say that implies that there is such a thing as “non Consensual sex” ,which there isn’t.That’s rape.Do not teach people that rape is another type of Sex.They are two very separate events.You wouldn’t say “breathless swimming ” and ” non breathing swimming ” , you say swimming and drowning.

The problem with organizations dealing with rape just teach women how to defend themselves against men who intend to rape them.They don’t teach men how not to rape women.Befitting solutions only come when we address issues from the roots.

Herfrica made me believe that at times the most beautiful smiles hide the most tears.She’s beyond what caught my eyes first.I apologize to all women I have called pretty before calling them intelligent or brave.I am sorry I made it sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with is the most you have to be proud of when your spirit has crashed mountains. From now on I will say things like,you are resilient or,you are extraordinary.Not because I think you’re not pretty. But because you are so much more than that.

I would love to live and see a just world for Herfrica run on equality,with No domestic violence! No forced Marriage!No female genital cutting! But if need be,I will die advocating for it.


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