Get Up You Little Hypocrite! Go Build Your Nation!

KFC chicken is so expensive. It’s like their chicken lived a great life and grew up in a loving home with both parents, went to a private school and graduated at the top of the class with good grades. Having grown up in a continent infested with corruption, I don’t take this lightly. Someone MUST be behind this.

If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three Key societal members who can make a difference; The father. The mother. And the Teacher.

We keep talking about Corruption, Poor Leadership and Pollution of Morals as if it’s a thing that exists outside our windows. We just see it through the glasses. It doesn’t do as much harm to us anyway, right? The closest it can get into our house is through a newspaper story of a land grabber adorned with the name ‘Private Developer’. Provided we have something on our table three times in a day, the rest can go to Hell! Tea for breakfast. Rice for Lunch. And Ugali-fish for dinner.

We reserve such issues as good morals for our idle time. After having a sumptuous meal and lacking a story to balance our diet with, we can think of such then. Immediately after, we fall into a deep sleep and forget everything. Such are blessings that come with a full stomach and an empty head.

In the morning you wake up late and rush to work. You drive with blithe disregard for traffic rules. We got nothing to worry about anyway right? It only costs Ksh.50/- to fix any broken Traffic Rule. That’s the beauty of being in Africa. In the US when a traffic police sees you reaching for the wallet, they reach for their guns; But in Africa, when a traffic police sees you reaching for your wallet, he bubbles with joy. Indeed we have made a difference. Proudly African.

In the evening our news are decorated by hundreds of accidents all over the country. Immediately after our sumptuous meals again we flee to social media. Condemning Bad Governance, Reckless Driving and Corruption. Some politician picks up the issue and decides to get controversial for PR purposes. We hold different views of the same problem. But we can’t tolerate each other and respect others’ opinions. We start fighting ourselves. The focus shifts from the Problems to out anthill EGOs. In the words of apostle Paul I will humbly ask, Ohh Yee foolish ‘Patriots’ who has bewitched you?

The ‘Caring’ government ‘Listens’ to our cry. A Commission worth billions is formed to investigate the accidents. The billions are depleted in one sitting. I guess such meetings are held in planet Mars hence the budget. After all there are no suitable places in our country to discuss such ‘Matters of National Concern’. Then Mr. ‘Chair’ calls an emergency press conference and release the commission’s report. We listen actively for hours. But we can’t tell the difference from what was released six months prior by a similar commission. The only difference we can see is the dates. But they assure us ‘it is different this time round’. As patriotic citizens, we believe them. ‘They said it, it is True!’

We celebrate the most decorated politicians in town who throw hundred shilling notes to youths. In one week, they spend 973% more than their cumulative salary for one year. Oh how generous they are! We even forget the rumors about their shady deals in drugs, murder cases and money laundering. Surely such a ‘kind’ person who gives generously to the thousands who attend his forums is indeed a good person. And haters are just trying to bring him down politically.

Here are a few facts for you;

– An imported fish from China to Nairobi (7894kms away) costs Ksh.30/- ; A fish transported from Kisumu to Nairobi(342kms away) costs ksh.170/- – Imported maize cob from Tanzania costs Ksh.7/- ; A maize cob transported from Kiambu to Nairobi (26Km) costs Ksh.30/- – Imported Sugar from Brazil through Somalia to Nairobi (11,342 Km) costs ksh.20/- per Kg. ; A kilogram of sugar transported from Mumias (where farmers dues trace back to 5 years)to Nairobi (326kms) costs Ksh.167/-

– A Kg of Rice from Pakistan(4736 Km) to Kenya costs 12/- ; A Kg of Rice from Mwea to Nairobi (6.6 Km) costs 155/-

– Approximately 10 people die every day on road accident in Kenya

– 12 Africans die of Hunger every 60 Seconds

– 95% of lethal Drug Barons are Politicians we elect to power

-The social media accounts for the politicians are managed by sycophants who are paid to play PR and bring good news. The negative issues on his/her leadership that you post on their walls are not taken to the ‘LEADER’(Mis-Leader) because the sycophant managing the account stands to lose his/her job. Social media will NEVER solve the entire societal problems in a holistic way.

All these ill-willed, hard-hearted mongrel men with morass morals are not all to blame for the discord in our life system. The fabric of society is not polluted by the misdeeds of the bad men, it is polluted by the silence of the good men.

Well, I have good news for you. You can change this polluted system. We need more principled lawyers, judges, police, doctors and officers. Instead, y’all want to be rappers and IG models soliciting fake popularity on Snap chat then complain about the government from a distance. To change the system, become the system.

So Get Up you little Hypocrite, Go and Build Your Nation! Be a good Father. Be a good Mother. Be a good Teacher. It can be done. But it can only be done if you play your part.


8 thoughts on “Get Up You Little Hypocrite! Go Build Your Nation!

  1. an awesome article with open rebuke it is,since I got up I must continue building the morally correct nation empty of corruption God being the force to thrive it.So God help me🙏


  2. I cant recal the last time i read such a factual piece,so true and soo real is not only the good english that kept me moving from one word to the next but the true passion of son of African


  3. hi i read your article it was really impressive, i have an instagram account that is attempting to publicize bloggers and direct readers to their articles i was hoping you could give me your instagram information so that i could tag you on the post.


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