The Politician You Have In Mind, Won’t Save The Country!

Those who are waiting for Raila Odinga to save this country, I am sorry.

Those who are waiting for Kalonzo Musyoka to save this country, I am sorry.

Those who are waiting for Peter Kenneth to ascend to the presidency and save this country, I am sorry.

The problem is not with the leadership. Even if we imported Obama or Kagame or Magufuli or a Mandela, we will still languish in the same soup of problems as before.

Kenyans are the problem. Our attitudes are the problem. Our apathy is the problem. Our lackadaisical nature is the problem. Our leaders, sorry to admit, only mirror the wants and attitudes of people.

We are all corrupt- and so, we get corrupt leaders. We are tribalistic- we elect leaders on the basis of the tribe they come from.

Look, what did you expect when you pocketed the politician’s hundred bob to vote for him? When they know that ascending to power is dependent on your financial muscle, they’ll do all they can to hoard funds in preparation for campaigns.

Like it or hate it, they hoard that money so they can BRIBE you to vote them into another term. And, fortunately to them, you will still vote for them.

Dear fellow citizens, what we need now is a change of attitudes- a cultural transformation. If we voted in leaders purely on merit and charisma and ideology and ability to lead and transform our country and our constituencies, then the leaders would hate to be caught up in any scandal.

But they know you don’t give a dime. They know the antidote to a bad reputation is greasing our hands with a few shillings and we’ll forget about their corruption scandals!

Let’s fight the monsters within us before we go to the forests to hunt for ghosts.

We need to resolve within ourselves not to engage in acts of corruption.

Stop giving out bribes to traffic police officers. It may be an inconvenience, but for the love of our motherland, brave the inconvenience. Go to court and say the truth.

Stop accepting handouts to vote in a particular candidate. Tell them off. Apprehend them. Vote them out. If you can, report them.

Stop sitting on a Sambaza in PSVs. Don’t board overloaded PSVs. Don’t be the extra load.

Generally, don’t cut corners.

I am not blowing my trumpet, but I have tried very much to give corruption a wide berth. I am fallible. I sometimes compromise on the principle- but I rise quickly and remember I need to stand up against corruption.

Let’s end corruption. Let’s start from within ourselves.

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One thought on “The Politician You Have In Mind, Won’t Save The Country!

  1. Truthfully, no one csn destroy what made them. If tribalism or corruption is what got the politicians where they are today, they wouldn’t really fight against such vices rather encourage them so that they hold on to the power they initially wanted. Corruption starts with you and I… So i agree, waiting for the leadership to do something is pointless.
    Amazing piece by the way.


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