Herfrica is the kindest ladies you could ever wish to encounter in your entire life. Her amicable spirit and warm personality is one you wouldn’t trade for anything else. So when she invited me for a coffee date, I couldn’t give it a second thought. This date let me  into the world beyond her beautiful smile. A world decorated by tears, sweat and blood.

So this girl was only five when it happened. She had been in a family of three…her mum, bro and her. Her mother had previously moved to the city to seek employment after successfully fleeing an abusive relationship which would have certainly ended her life if she didn’t call Jesus on that fateful night that she escaped.

She left her two children with their grandmother amidst threats from their father that he would surely torch that grass thatched house that the grandmother lived in one night if they don’t consider getting back to him. Luckily he didn’t make good his threats.

After a tough year, her mother was able to secure a job as a PTA teacher. This helped to live with her kids to her new place.  Her children could not join school immediately because they could only communicate in her vernacular. They had to stay home for a whole year. Meanwhile, the kid’s uncle also came to stay with the family after dropping out of school. Let’s call him Uncle Devil. They all lived in a single room partitioned into two by a silky black curtain.

With a salary of Twenty thousand Kenyan Shillings, Queen’s mum could not sustain her family together with uncle Devil. She had to start tutoring students at different homes to get extra  pay.

One day, while Herfrica’s mum was out in her usual tight schedule and Herfrica’s brother was out playing, Uncle Devil called Herfrica into the house. She ordered her to get behind the curtains and lie on the mattress at the floor. He then closed the door moved towards Herfrica. She was terrified but she couldn’t scream because she knew the uncle would beat her up. She felt something was totally off and got more confused.

The uncle proceeded to undress her. He tore her inner pant and blocked her mouth while pressing her against the mattress. He forced himself into her. She cried in pain but nobody was there to help. He then took a machete besides the mattress and held it on her neck. He promised to chop off her head if she ever spoke out to anybody about the incident. She was forced to lick off all her blood from the mattress and clean up the house. Henceforth, Queen grew up traumatized and detached. She became afraid of darkness and quiet places.

All the while her mother was so busy making ends meet for the family. She barely noticed the immense changes in her Queen’s character. She kept wishing that the Uncle proceeded to chop off her head immediately after the act so she wouldn’t have to live on and experience her life after. She says, it was like dying every day but you don’t get to the other side each time.

Her worst experiences every day after she started schooling came when Uncle Devil had to help the mum take her to school. He always insisted to carry Queen to and fro school. Unlike other kids who looked forward to going home after school, Queen always cried whenever she imagined being carried home by the uncle who molested her sexually and staying with him in the same house.

When she turned 13, her mum noticed the discord in her conduct and took her to a counselor. She shared all her traumatic experience. This helped to nurse the wounds in her heart. Queen’s mum apologized for her absence in Queen’s life but the damage was done. She had learnt to face her demons alone. Though she forgave them all, it took time to trust anyone around her. She had developed a solid personality where she’d rather smile and dismiss people, than let them know that her heart was in flames.

 YouTube Video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtxbyiQ1-xo&t=198s


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