Your Degree is Degraded.Your University is Outdated

Ever wondered why #IBM, Bank of America, #Netflix, Apple, #Google and other futuristic companies, scrapped off the requirement of a degree to qualify for employment?

Because your Degree is degraded, and you University is outdated.

25 years ago, in 1995, if you were to assemble equipment that would give basic functionality of an outdated iPhone. You would need:

i.         All Weather Personal Stereo- $11.88

ii.         AM/FM Clock Radio- $13.88

iii.         In Ear Stereo Earphones- $9.88

iv.         Tardy 1000 TL/3- $1,599

v.         VHS Camcorder- $799

vi.         Mobile Cellular Phones- $199

vii.          Mobile CB- $19.95

viii.         Zomboplay Special Dial Phone- $29.95

ix.           Deluxe Portable CD Player- $159.99

x.           IO Channel Desktop Scanner- $99.95

xi.           Phone Answerer- $49.95

xii.           Handheld Cassette Tape Recorder- $129.99

Total= $3056.82 (In Today’s terms this would be approximately $5200)

iPhone X, the latest series of Apple phones, costs about $1050 and it offers multiple additional features besides the listed products with incomparable quality difference.

Here are my thought on how these company that shape our present and build for the future scrapped off the requirement of a college degree to qualify for employment:

1.       Speed.

This is every single college or university’s worse nightmare. Things are changing so fast and people are worried. Between Universities and Companies, who do you think finds out first that things have changed? Is it the Universities or the companies?

Your guess is as good as mine. It is the companies that detect the change in trends, tasked to keep up to date with the changes and innovate in real time. So these companies are asking, ‘Why should we wait for them (Universities and colleges) to pivot to us yet we are the ones with borderline knowledge of change? In fact schools delays real time innovation. They can only accept as much as their systems and syllabus can accommodate not what is actually needed. Anyone who went to school a decade ago wouldn’t find any much different in the education system today. They only need few days’ refresher courses and they will ace everything. Compare this with the level of technological advances in the past decade. See the difference? Schools cannot catch up with the speed that the current market place is going with. Hence Companies are increasingly finding them irrelevant.

2.       Memory is No longer needed.

There used to be a time when everybody had a smart uncle, aunt or parent or relative who was perceived to have the knowledge about everything. Now we have Alexa, Seree and Google. These replaced all the people with great memory. They instantaneously give you all the knowledge you want. This ranges from complicated multiple digit calculations to accurate historical events.

One doesn’t really need to spend endless hours in school to memorize such information since these tools make it available to us straightaway. All information is available at your disposal. Initially, you had to pay dearly to get just enough to make you go to the next level. Memorization is no longer that important.

3.       Computer Science Degree becomes Obsolete in 3 Years

Tech Gets Old Fast! No, I don’t mean like you’ll get sick of it fast! I mean, what you learn in first year of computer science degree will be, at least, partially outdated by year two, and might be completely obsolete by the time you graduate! That means that even with a CS degree, you can’t just say, “Well, got my degree, guess I’m done.”

Staying up to date on new web standards, modern best practices, the latest frameworks and user experience improvements, and other changes in tech means you’re constantly learning. You don’t need a 4-year education to get started! Instead, you can learn the basics in just a few months, and start working in tech right away. You’ll learn the practical skills you actually need as you go (there’s no shame in Googling how to do the things you don’t know how to do; trust me, everyone from armature to seasoned pros do this sometimes), rather than learning a bunch of theoretical stuff you may not remember by the time you graduate.

Related to that is the fact that things like coding, and to some extent even design, are becoming more automated all the time. Learning to use modern web development tools doesn’t require a computer science degree, because it’s not that complicated. Sure, knowing how to dive into code and figure out how to do things from scratch is valuable, and will make your life a whole lot easier in the long run. But you can also build a successful career in tech using frameworks, platforms, libraries, and other tools that do much of the heavy lifting for you.

4.       Lecturers need to go to school, not high school graduates.

Most Lecturers who make decisions and ‘run things’ in the universities are outdated. We have professors who got their degree in 1988. Some of them even use the notes they took 31 years ago to teach their classes. The same curriculum is just passed over from one generation to another with minor adjustments. Most of them use exact test questions they asked in a test 20 years ago.

Let me simplify it for you. Someone in the industry tells someone else to go and tell the government that time has changed, new curriculum is needed if they want to produce relevant graduates in their schools. The government makes proposals which take months to be approved. Then they start sourcing out funds to aid a group of people (‘Usually Same Outdated Lecturers’ that know ‘the right people’ in the government) to sit for months and come up with new curriculum. This curriculum is taken to the parliament and debated back and forth with non-experts in academics, who have partisan approach towards matters presented to them. In their wisdom, or lack thereof, they alter it depending on selfish interest. Eventually, they approve it.

The government then starts convincing unions to approve of the curriculum. These may involve bribing a few people and making a few compromises before an agreement is reached. These whole process may take years. Lecturers are trained on the ‘new curriculum’ for months. Finally, this is rolled out in schools for teaching. By this time it may be at least 4 years later. This is already outdated. In their ‘new status’ the lecturers will still be outdated.

In the era of peak technological advancements, we are taught about digital media by lecturers who cannot even use a smartphone. They are not even bothered to do any online courses in the subject. They dismiss this ‘millennial bubble’ craze. Yet we are spending millions to hear them teach about what they haven’t come to terms with.

5.       Companies Train you on specialized skills in 3-6 Months Vs 4-5 Years in Universities

A friend of mine has an MFA. ‘MFA is like a PhD in Fine Arts,’ he told me. So I asked, ‘For the 7 years you spent to get MFA, What did you remember learning that you use today?’ After humming and thinking for about 40 seconds he said, ‘Honestly I don’t know. But it was a good experience.’

These Companies don’t have time for such blunt lessons. Things are moving quickly. They’ve discovered it is worthless for you to go and waste your initially highly receptive brain on years of ecstasy, drugs, partying, swiping left to aid your licentious living and a bit of reading. They would rather hire you, teach you specialized skills in 3-6 months and make you relevant to the times we are in. It saves you time, resources, makes you readily prepared for the constant changes in the world amongst other endless items on the list of benefits.

6.       Companies are starting their own Universities

There are multiple Online Universities that one can get as much as they want in two clicks. McDonalds has McDonald University. Guess who their professors are? The employees. People who are at the forefront in the marketplace driving the changes we are seeing daily. Unlike most traditional Universities that have professors who have decades of experience teaching something they cannot do. Going to a University at Apple, IBM, Google or IBM and being taught by people leading change gives you an edge over all other Universities.

7.   Control the narrative

These companies are controlling the kind of ‘Brainwashing’ they want to see in their employees. Most schools first tell you that brainwashing is bad. Then they proceed to ‘instill’ some values and traditions of the school in you. They tell you about who went to the school and became somebody great in society and how you need to think to be like them. Students get brainwashed about how amazing the university is, they start walking around throwing the school’s name at every second sentence and proudly basking in the ‘rich history’ of success by their predecessors’. Mavi ya Kale, Hayanuki. (Overstayed Shit, doesn’t smell. – Swahili proverb)

Anyway, these companies are thinking, ‘ Wait a minute, if we are letting these kids be brainwashed by schools, why don’t we brainwash them with something that will make them relevant for our time. Tell them of how great of a company we are. We are actually making an impact and we can make them part of it. We have shifted paradigms. We have made new products. We have created jobs even for the most unlikely candidates by allowing people to use their natural talents and abilities to thrive by simply being true to their core. We are changing the world.’

The brainwash them into seeing how great the company is and how relevant they fit in the force driving the change. They are doing the exact things most Universities are doing worldwide. The only difference is that the Universities are using History to condition students to think in a certain way in order to change things they are not equipped for, while Companies are using real time impact to empower individuals and make them bring their uniqueness into the teams and lead change in a way that makes them serve the core of their humanity. I prefer being brainwashed as in the second case. If I have no way but to go to hell, at least make me feel I truly belong there and that my gifts play a role in the ambience.

‘Youths are passed through schools that don’t teach anything real about life. They are forced to search for jobs that don’t exist. And left stranded in the streets to stare at the glamorous lives advertised around them that they cannot afford.’ From THE QUAGMIRE OF YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT.

For these reasons I believe, your degree is degraded, and your university is outdated.

I Am Too Full Of Life To Be Half-Loved!

Long before my body learnt to initiate a chemical reaction just by a thought of a lass I came across by day. When I could look at a perfectly formed gorgeous lady without inadvertently having any underlying risqué thoughts. When I never got to worry about being arrested by luscious gyration of a female’s hindquarters. My mama taught me that, if you give your whole to someone, and it still is not enough, then you are giving it to a wrong person.
After years of consistent change of character, interest, passion and personality to please you, thank you for giving up on me. Thank you for believing that I’ll never be good enough and for making me feel like I’ll never be someone you appreciate or respect.
If it wasn’t for your constant disapproval and rejection, I wouldn’t have found my own voice and I wouldn’t have found the courage and the strength to fight your voices and follow my own.
Thank you for giving up on me so easily, you taught me how to fight for myself.
Thank you for not waiting for me or giving me a chance. Thank you for being impatient and thinking that this is all there is to me. Thank you for pushing me away and guiding me to a better place, guiding me to find better people who believed in me and accepted me and thank you for giving me a reason to walk away from you forever — a reason never to look back.
Thank you for not missing me when I was gone, thank you for not trying to win me back, thank you for showing me how l meant nothing to you. You made me realize that you were full of lies, you were fake, nothing about you was real and we never really had anything in common.
Thank you for your lies because they showed me the truth and thank you for your departure because it forced me to find new beginnings, to find new roads and to let go of the past that you were once part of.
Thank you for making me feel like I’m hard to love, thank you for choosing other people over me, thank you for making me feel unworthy because you taught me to see my worth, you taught me to choose myself and you taught me that no matter how difficult I can be, I still deserve to be loved. I deserve to be embraced with all my flaws, but more than anything, thank you for showing me that I don’t deserve you.
Thank you for giving up on me when I needed you to be there. Thank you for letting me down when I thought you would lift me up and thank you for closing the door when I came knocking on it.
You taught me how to survive, you taught me how to depend on myself and how to find my happiness away from you. You made me realize that I don’t have to be defined by how you saw me or how you treated me. You made me realize that I can redefine myself and my life.
Thank you for getting out of my life, I know now that losing you was the only way to find myself and I know that I needed you to give up on me so I can never again settle for someone who would easily let me go.
Thank you for giving up on me when I didn’t love myself, instead of destroying me, I built myself up, instead of making me cry, you made me smile.
I’m smiling because what you thought was a tragedy turned out to be my happy ending, and what you thought was an ending turned out to be my beginning. I lost you, but I found me, I WON!

You Only Live Once (YOLO)

3 am in the midnight, am Skyping with a long lost friend of mine who left the country years ago to the ‘Land of milk and Honey’ (USA) to pursue her grand dreams at Stanford University. She spends a long time telling me about how much has changed in such a short time. Her perspective of life; her priorities, her desires, her pursuits and generally her dreams. It’s all giggles and jokes until she poses the question,

‘What should I expect back home Danstan?’

This question was timely. It came just as I sipped the last drop of my coffee. I felt it warm my tongue and tingle all my test buds. Engulfed with the depth of the question, the coffee sloughed down my gullet gently increasing in temperature. By the time it reached my stomach, I felt a burning sensation that made me feel void and terrible. It’s when it dawned to me, indeed, even more has changed back home.

As men we are too timid to go out, work and generate hard earned resources to give us gradual wealth. We need quick cash. A betting spree has infested the nation, thus leaving our responsibilities, future and dreams to chance, hoping that someday we’ll wake up to a jackpot, buy a mansion in the leafy suburbs, buy our dream cars and party all day and night ad finitum. Meanwhile, we take the screenshots of our paltry gains and post them to our 5000+ followers on social media. Then we purchase red, yellow, green and orange sneakers with complementary shirts and a selfie stick. Together with 16 baddies, we pull resources and hire a ride to be used to solicit campus divas and naïve high school leavers. In a nutshell, we ‘YOLO’! So dear friend, make sure you spare some dollars for our dear betting sites. But if you can’t don’t worry, you can use your fancy shoes/socks/dress/trousers as security to get instant loans.

Our ladies have a different sense of direction, thinking of nothing else except how to look good, turning up every other weekend and seeking men’s attention using their ‘Sponsors’(sugar-daddys’) money. Steady posting obscene and indecent pictures on Facebook and Instagram fishing for complements and likes! A breed of girls with nothing more but a pretty bleached face and fake bodies to lust and sleep with. Dear friend, the only qualification you need is an infinix/techno phone with 53 photo-editing Applications.

Men, what will your kids inherit? Stocks? Bonds? Trust funds? Or the 90 pairs of shoes/Gucci belts you bought?

Ladies, being popular on Facebook/Instagram is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria in a mental hospital!

Finally, we make triumphant entry into today’s reality; big houses, small families. More degrees, less common sense. Advanced medicine, poor health. High income, less peace of mind. High IQ, less emotions. Good knowledge, less wisdom. Number of affairs, no true love. Lot of friends in Facebook, no real physical friends. More alcohol, less water. Lots of human, less humanity. Smart devices, foolish users.

Welcome home dear friend!